Business and Management

Lessons from the Investment Masters
It is a fact—very few investors beat the stock market over a long period of time. In this course, you will learn from the “investment masters”—those individuals that consistently beat the market. Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch, John Templeton and others have applied strategies that have consistently generated above average results for many years. Topics include: The stock market—Can it be beaten over an extended period of time; A review of the investment styles of the masters; What the masters do that others don’t; The pitfalls that the “investment masters” avoid; The obstacles of investing success; Advantages and disadvantages of stock indexing; Selecting an investment manager, and more.

Top 10 Business Topics – 2006
This course continues to evolve throughout the year so the topics stay fresh and cutting edge. Some of the issues covered include: employment law changes; exploring the complex array of insurance coverages and changes to those coverages due to terrorist activity and natural disasters; employment benefit plans (especially for those of you who are administrators or trustees); new fraud preventative techniques and more.

Advising the Troubled Business
This course provides practical information on how to identify a business that is in trouble and suggestions as to how to turn it around. It covers various options and the advantages and disadvantages of each option. It will consider financing options and how to get creditors to be cooperative. What are the necessary ingredients for a successful turnaround, and more.

Annual Business Law Update – 2006
This course will address recent decisions that cover a wide variety of business law topics. Topics include fiduciary duties, leases, product liability, restrictive covenants, how to resolve business disputes, and many other legal issues that arise in business. The speaker will address decisions from the U.S. Supreme Court and many different state courts as well. He will discuss the facts, issues and decision in each case. More importantly, the speaker will address the lessons that can be learned and what the loser might have done to get a different result.

Eight Steps to Corporate Financial Success
This course will present eight techniques that can be used by a business to create long-term financial success. The techniques presented in this course will provide valuable, practical advice on how a profit-seeking company can improve profits and cash flows and strengthen the balance sheet to help ensure long-term success. This course would be useful to accounting and finance professionals in private industry responsible for entity decision-making and to professionals in public practice who consult with clients on a variety of business issues.

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